Marketing & Digital Services

Is your marketing increasing your enterprise value?

Are you ready for profitable growth?

nFLXn  helps forward-thinking organizations drive profitable growth using our Revenue Channel Optimization (RCO) methodology. RCO ensures that all your company’s sales, marketing and business development activities are designed and aligned to drive profitable growth.

You want your marketing dollars to actually work! Unlike traditional agencies, we brought together a group of senior consultants, executives and entrepreneurs who have either run their own businesses or led big businesses to even greater success. We know what actually works – and what doesn’t. nFLXn marries that real-world experience with a bias towards clear strategy, tight execution and that rarest of terms in marketing: accountability.

Our approach works because it is based on (1) gaining a deep understanding of your business, its DNA, and its challenges (2) using decades of business experience and expertise to create programs that deliver results, and (3) working seamlessly with your team to hard-wire our success into your organization. Our philosophy is that if it doesn’t make your company dollars, it doesn’t make sense.

While we are proud of who we are and what we do, we readily admit we are not a good fit for everybody. If you are an entrepreneurially-minded company (it’s an attitude, not a size) who is serious about growth, contact us for a preliminary consultation so that we can mutually explore a possible fit.