Agreements & Negotiations


While large companies have internal contract groups to handle all those issues and more, most small- to medium-sized companies do not have access to the required experience and knowledge within their walls.

nFLXn Point Group provides that knowledge and experience.

nFLXn’s Agreements & Negotiations service line has the expertise to structure, draft, and negotiate world class business-to-business agreements. With over twenty years of experience in Fortune 500 and start-up companies alike, our team has experience second to none. Turnaround times are measured in hours or, in the worst-case days, not weeks.

nFLXn Point Group is not a law firm and we do not employ attorneys, provide legal advice, or practice law. We deal efficiently with commercial terms and conditions contained in agreements on a day-to-day basis. Any materials drafted or reviewed by nFLXn Point Group should be reviewed by counsel licensed in the appropriate state.